I enjoy teaching & public-speaking & am pleased to offer an extensive programme of:-

Please click here for a SCHEDULE showing the Lectures & Workshops which I am booked to give in the current year.

All of my material is professionally presented & richly illustrated with pictures & diagrams on Powerpoint. I will bring the projector & all necessary equipment.

The Workshops are interactive & are accompanied by Handouts, Reading Lists, Feedback Sheets & CPD Certificates.

All courses can be adapted according to knowledge & experience of participants:-
    Level A.... Practising psychotherapists & counsellors
    Level B.... Psychotherapists & counsellors in training
    Level C.... Member of the public (some knowledge & experience)
    Level D.... Members of the public (little or no previous knowledge)

Fees upon application. Please click here for a selection of Testimonials.

If you, or your organisation, might be interested in hosting one of my Lectures or Workshops - please ring 0117 932-9204 or click here to send me an email.

matthew.harwood@zen.co.uk Tel: 0117 932-9204